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Hello! It's me, Willow!

Here you can support my work or simply to send a random tip. Yes, crypto has literally been feeding me and help me buy the necessities since all the COVID madness started in the spring of 2020. Yes, it is possible. Ask me how. If you'd like to drop me a line along with a tip, you can do so here.

This page now replaces my Cointr.ee page due to ongoing privacy concerns with that service (among others, messages aren't private or encrypted, cannot be edited or deleted by either sender or receiver; by default all messages sent along with tips are viewable by anyone; no clear data retention and privacy policies in place).

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Willow wishes to acknowledge this land, which has for thousands of years been the traditional home of the Tsinuk (Chinookan) and Stl'pulmsh (Cowlitz) nations. Today, this place is still the home to many indigenous people from across Turtle Island, including those of the modern-day Confederate Tribes of Grand Ronde, the Cowlitz Indian Tribe and the Chinook Indian Nation.